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Boxing and Boxing Training is a contact sport. Arena Boxing Club members, staff, volunteers, participants use the gym & all its equipment at their own risk, this includes sparring, exercising, training and any other activities that take part at the gym or any other activity related to the club inside or outside, including but not restricted to traveling and boxing.

Arena Boxing Club also bears no responsibility for any personal or public injuries sustained by staff, volunteers, students, members, participants whilst at the gym or whilst representing the club at boxing shows, tournaments or demos ect..

The England Boxing Insurance policy does not cover individuals for public liability.

This is a responsibility of the individual and we advise members to get suitable cover.

Arena Boxing is a Competitive Full Contact Boxing Club.

We do NOT offer keep fit/get in Shape or 1 to 1 Sessions.

All our members agree to Compete or are working towards Competing.

We are a non profit making Youth organisation and it is for this reason the coaches/trainers volunteer their time for free.

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